To harness the power of the EMCCD Camera Lumintek provide its unique easy to use imaging software. The Lumintek Image32 image processing software is designed with life scientists in mind and provides the features and functions you would expect and is fully integrated with both Micro-manager and ImageJ.

Lumintek's Image32 image processing software is simple and easy to use and provides a wide range of tools for manipulating images and analysing data.

Of primary importance is the camera control module. A simple to use dialog box for controlling the camera is provided for camera setup functions including: region of interest, pixel binning, exposure time, gain and recording options.

The Lumintek's Image32 image processing software proprietary file types, namely the *.pct (Image format) and *.seq (video format) can be imported to/exported from the ImageJ imaging software. This provides users with access to thousands of ImageJ plugins related to post process analysis of fluorescence data. All data acquisitions made within the Lumintek Image32 image processing software can be imported into the ImageJ system.

Both Lumintek cameras can be controlled directly via micro-manager. This allows users to simultaneously control the camera, microscope and/or any other peripheral devices (e.g. filter wheels). Experiments can also be fully automated using the micro-manager BeanShell scripting interface.

Key Features;

Feature 1; Image matrix operations between images or constants – e.g. add, subtract multiply and divide
Feature 2; Image orientation - rotate, mirror, flip
Feature 3; Intensity profiles, histograms, statistics analysis of area sets
Feature 4; Processing of single images and image stacks
Feature 5; Use of false colour pallets to enhance contrast and identify features
Feature 6; Use of floating toolbars provides quick access to regularly used functions
Feature 7; 8 / 16 / 32 bit image depths
Feature 8; Data formats BMP, PCX, JPG, PCT, BIN, TXT, AVI, SEQ, TIFF, Clipboard and Canon / Sony / Nikon DSLR raw formats
Feature 9; LUA scripting language to provide automation of image acquisition and processing

There are four modes of operation;

Operation Mode 1; Live Display - This opens a windows and displays a live image from the camera
Operation Mode 2; Snap Image - Takes a single image and stores it in an image buffer
Operation Mode 3; Recording – This allows a number of images to be taken creating an image sequence (stack)
Operation Mode 3; Live Intensity Plot - Users can draw multiple areas of interest on the live display an plot data vs time

Lumintek Scientific Camera and Software Presentation;

Lumintek, part of Photek Limited, is ISO 9001 Certified so has quality systems in place to ensure your product is manufactured to the most exacting specification. We offer a twelve month warranty as standard and provide support for the lifetime of our products. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your Lumintek EMCCD Camera we will ensure that it is repaired within three weeks, meaning your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

At Lumintek, we pride ourselves in the support we provide to all our customers and our expert team of scientists and engineers have the capability to understand your application and provide you with the right solution. In addition, the Lumintek product specialists can visit you on site to help with installation and provide full training. This service is also available remotely via the internet.

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