Texas Instruments TC247SPD

Sensor Type

1/2" Frame Interline Transfer (FIT) Impactron

Active Pixel

658 × 496

Pixel Size

10μm × 10μm

Active Area

6.58mm × 4.96mm

Full Well Capacity

24000 electrons

Shift Register Well Depth

100000 electrons

Non Linearity

< 1%

Readout Noise

< 1 electrons with EM gain ON
< 20 electrons with EM gain OFF

Dynamic Range

65 dB

Frame Rate


Dark Current

< 1e / pix / sec

Digital Output Format

16 bit CameraLink (base configuration)

Peak Quantum Efficiency

53% @ 480nm

Spectral Response

350 - 1100nm


-20°C with ambient air @ +20°C


1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5

Antiblooming Protection


Lens Mount

C mount


Trigger In and Out - TTL compatible

Power Supply

12V DC ±10%

Total Power Consumption

< 12W

Operating Case Temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +85°C


97mm × 68mm × 61mm

Weight (no lens)

< 550g

Point 1; VGA Vision 658 × 496 @ 50 fps
Point 2; EMCCD Camera sensor gives optimum image resolution in low light biological applications
Point 3; 16 bit CameraLink output provides wide dynamic range
Point 4; Monochrome EMCCD Camera technology provides high sensitivity imaging with 1000x on-chip gain
Point 5; VGA Vision 53% QE @ 480 nm
Point 6; Readout noise of < 1e
Point 7; Compact and lightweight

What is included;

Item 1; EMCCD camera with PSU and mains cable
Item 2; CameraLink interface card and cable. PCI express card supplied as standard. Cardbus interface card for laptops available on request
Item 3; Image32 software and documentation on USB stick

Lumintek Scientific Camera and Software Presentation;

Lumintek, part of Photek Limited, is ISO 9001 Certified so has quality systems in place to ensure your product is manufactured to the most exacting specification. We offer a twelve month warranty as standard and provide support for the lifetime of our products. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your Lumintek EMCCD Camera we will ensure that it is repaired within three weeks, meaning your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

At Lumintek, we pride ourselves in the support we provide to all our customers and our expert team of scientists and engineers have the capability to understand your application and provide you with the right solution. In addition, the Lumintek product specialists can visit you on site to help with installation and provide full training. This service is also available remotely via the internet.

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